Summary: Control Your Attitude, Control Your Career

Here is a summary of an article called control your attitude, control your career by Bruce Kasanoff.

1. Maintain a growth mindset. Recognize that you can grow your abilities, if you are willing to work hard.

2. Use a growth mindset to increase your competence. Get better at what your organization needs you to do.

3. The best talent is bringing out talent in others. Value what your boss, co-workers, friends and casual acquaintances have to say, even if you don’t agree. Treat them with respect.

4.  Find meaning in what you do.

Meaning can come from…

  • mastering a craft
  • elevating the lives of others
  • being part of a team
  • supporting your family
  • setting an example for your kids
  • doing what you were born to do
  • overcoming obstacles
  • constantly growing




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