Book Review: Forbidden Friends


Forbidden Friends

By Anne-Marie Conway


Review by Fia:

A tense and satisfying book that you can’t stop reading. It has fantastic description and detail and is such a touching story. I would recommend this amazing book by Anne-Marie Conway. This story tells us about two long lost friends who meet up on holiday in Spain. They feel as if they were destined to be best friends but as they grow closer they find out that some VERY dark secrets have been kept throughout these past years.

Anne-Marie used to love performing and was very passionate about what she loved. Her dream was to become a star and she’d always wanted to end up on a West End stage and dance in front of thousands of people. Instead she, very happily, got qualified as a teacher and also started her own drama club which gave her lots of inspiration and experience. When her second child was born she started to plan her first book about a shy girl called Phoebe who loved performing……..

Forbidden Friends was her fifth book and she believed that dreams are SO IMPORTANT and if you work hard you WILL achieve them.



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